Welcome to Friends Of Alan!!

Alan’s family and friends wanted to be able to honor Alan by creating a foundation that would provide some assistance to victims of spinal cord injuries. Alan was blessed to have resources available to him to get the majority of things he needed, i.e., medicine, medical supplies, a proper wheelchair, a proper bed, a ventilator, a disabled-equipped van, a computer, voice-activated software, a remodeled home where he could live independently, etc. We know that there are others who are in need and we want to honor Alan by helping other individuals who have suffered a spinal cord injury. It may be something as simple as helping them with some medical supplies that are no longer covered by insurance, or something as big as equipping a van with wheelchair accessibility. We hope over the years, we can reach out and touch the lives of many spinal cord patients through the FRIENDS OF ALAN STAFFORD FOUNDATION.

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